You really are the creator of your own reality

It’s the first of the five fundamental truths. Many readers of Finding the Field have the same objection: I got mugged, my family got evicted, all the houses in my street got flooded. How can my thoughts create such things?

They don’t. Thoughts alone do not directly shape what happens to you. The real powerhouse is what gives you the thoughts.

Your conscious mind is like the visible part of an island, above the sea. Your subconscious is the island below the surface, layer below layer, deeper and deeper. That’s where your beliefs are and they have more power over your life than a surface hurricane. That’s where you keep that the I am that directs your travels in this lifetime.

Am I at the mercy of my subconscious then?

Yes for some parts of this lifetime (for example birthplace, parents, race), you are. But no for other parts. If you don’t like your I am, you can use your conscious thoughts to re-shape it. How do you want the new shape? Set frequent, vivid thoughts, feelings, attitudes and – above all – action resolutely along the path of your desire, and they will filter down through the layers, eventually remodelling the I am levels of your island.

But what about other people? I can’t be creating them.

No you’re not, what you’re creating is your perception of other people. You don’t see others as they are, only as you are. You don’t see events as they are, only as you are (ask any policeman interviewing witnesses). Your subjective perceptions are the reality that charts your course. The universe is not objective, it’s subjective – a seemingly crazy concept that physicists are beginning to take seriously.

Go deep enough down the undersea slopes of your island and it will join up with the other islands – where the overlapping of your lives is a cooperative adventure. And at this depth we can no longer call it your conscious and subconscious. It’s time to pull everyone and everything together and call it Consciousness. Call it the great Creator if you like, but know that it’s really You and Me

Literally everything?  Even solid matter?

Yes, even solid matter. The world famous physicist Erwin Schrödinger said: “Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental.” The BBC’s go-to scientist communicator Jim Al-khalili, said: “It’s as though the atom has been endowed with some kind of awareness, which is crazy.” No, not so crazy. It’s Consciousness that creates matter, not the other way round.

But if we all create our own realities, why would we create painful experiences for ourselves?

That’s a story for another time.

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