The Weaver’s Apprentice



Robert McKay is a Presbyterian minister of the old order – a commanding and charismatic preacher in the remote fishing village of Waiata. His certainty, his personal strength, his forcefulness, and his genuine concern for the souls in his charge, make him the most powerful figure in the community. He builds into the villagers a chilling awareness of sin and fear of God.

Luke Forrester is the son of a fisherman – born with a supernatural gift. Through him, a powerful spirit works its influence on the villagers, luring the sick and injured with dramatic acts of healing. At first, the boy Luke is mystified by his own powers and afraid of the unearthly presence within him.  But as he grows, so does his certainty that what he offers the village is the true hand of God.

Jennifer Pringle is the daughter of the village doctor – shamed by scandal, a fallen woman. Gossip and shunning have made life impossible for her. She is poised to leave, but is increasingly drawn by her heart into the centre of the turmoil about to take over the village.

The two men struggle for the souls of the village in a battle between good and evil. Which is which? Who is right and who wrong? Shaken out of their ordinary lives, the villagers become embroiled in a conflict which escalates towards violence and death.

The extraordinary tale of The Weaver’s Apprentice probes the mysteries of human existence.


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