Sex, love, and the five universal truths

First, the obvious. Sex without love is usually great fun. Sex with love is also joyful and satisfying, and if you’re in the first flush of being in love, sex is simply glorious; in the bedroom is there anything better?

Yes there is. It’s orbital lovemaking – no spaceship required. It’s when the two of you, using your bodies, deliberately set out to become one consciousness. The closer you get, the closer you are to an experience so profound that it will shake you. And – how beautiful this is – the age, shape and condition of your body are irrelevant. Orbital lovemaking is a bedroom gateway for any loving couple to reach the state of sartori.

I hope my summary, with your imaginative powers, will get you both in front of the gateway. But – pause a moment – if these ideas are completely new and strange, you might want to look at them in depth first. Go to The Universal Truths. Better still, read my book Finding the Field.

Here we go.

Preparation for orbital lovemaking. Set the launch scene: arrange light, sounds, scents, textures and tastes to your liking. Allow a heap of time: hours, not minutes. Bring to the bedroom (this is vital) equal portions of mutual respect and a very large serving of tenderness. And be in no doubt that in the finest lovemaking, the journey is the destination.

First physical contact. Let your first touching be infinitely tender, slow, close, and prolonged. As desire rises, treat it like a seedling that you nurture and shape, controlling its growth throughout. As you hold that seedling within you, open the wings of your awareness to the five universal truths which swirl together to become one extraordinary feeling. (It might help you to say the following phrases to each other, perhaps writing down your version of them in advance.)

The third universal truth: All things are connected. We are like two islands, joined by earth under sea. The sea that separates us is an illusion. We are one being.

The second universal truth: Your life is a mirror. I am you, I feel what you feel, I see me through your eyes and I love what I see, which is perfect.

The fourth universal truth: You are already in your spiritual home. Time is slowing down. Past and future fall away and there is only now. This moment, this very second, is where we belong.

The first universal truth: You are the creator and the created. We are gods, creating ourselves, experiencing our creations.

The fifth universal truth: You will live forever. We lift away from our bodies, looking back at them. We are more than our bodies. We are limitless and eternal.

When you come back to earth, to your bodies, honour them. They made your experience possible.

By the way, even very old couples can experience orbital lovemaking. And maybe young lovers could learn much from making orbital love without orgasm. Maybe even without penetration! Wait – is that young laughter I can hear?