Michael's blog:
Most of these blogs refer to the five universal truths of existence. I want to show how those truths can bring us peace and happiness and answers to the universal questions, What's it all about? and Who am I? and Why am I here? And how they can bring solutions to everyday problems.

But some days I just write these blogs to have fun. Enjoy.

Does the search for the Truth ever end?

[This blog begins a series of answers to questions from readers]

Yes, it does end. There’s breathtaking beauty in how it ends – and in how it begins anew.

Your individual search ends the moment you know that you are the vastness of Consciousness, like a raindrop knowing itself as the sea. That moment may be today, or it may be lifetimes away. Many get preview glimpses, in meditation, or at times of great crisis as I did in a near-death experience. (For more on how all things are connected, see The Third Universal Truth.)

But that moment of Truth marks the end of just one of your petals in the cosmic lotus.

Humans ask Who am I?  Consciousness (capital C) asks What Am I?  It answers by experiencing its own creations – including you and me, causing us to forget our origin so that the experience can be real. A rich man cannot fully experience poverty while he remembers his bank number. So we go on creating, unaware that we are the Creator. We are the question and the answer. (For more, see The Principle of Existence.)

And the lotus never stops flowering.

So your search will end and then begin anew. Another you will create a new path, with a new body. Yes, some do return with full knowledge of who they are, but most will have a new mind. If that’s you, you will ask again, Who am I? and What’s it all about? and Does the search for the Truth ever end? Until you discover, yet again, that you is You. And so on forever.

You know what is very funny and very beautiful at the same time? When you make that leap to knowing that you are You, you’ll also know that you’re already in heaven. Outrageous? See The Fourth Universal Truth