Michael's blog:
Most of these blogs refer to the five universal truths of existence. I want to show how those truths can bring us peace and happiness and answers to the universal questions, What's it all about? and Who am I? and Why am I here? And how they can bring solutions to everyday problems.

But some days I just write these blogs to have fun. Enjoy.

How can I speed up my progress to the Truth?

[For now, I’m using these blogs to answer questions from readers of Finding the Field. I hope the answers are useful to you.]

There’s only one speed that matters.

It’s the speed with which we accept that what is happening to us now – no matter how painful – is part of our spiritual home. In this moment we are the Creator in the process of experiencing our creation. Each of us takes the most appropriate room of our vast spiritual mansion with us – to work, to play, to every twist and turn. We take the Truth with us, within and without – the only challenge is to recognize it.

We are already in the right place, on the right path. That’s the Fourth Universal Truth.

To many, that’s outrageous. It can’t be right! This existence is too painful. So the Truth can’t be here, it must be further along the path.

No it isn’t. As Jesus said, ‘Heaven is right here in the midst of you.’ And when we know that, we also know that pain is not the same thing as suffering. The suffering is optional.

Speed the day to that Truth.