Love and goodwill to all will hasten the population meltdown

(This is Part Two of the previous blog There are too many people, a self-correcting problem)

It’s true, it’s not a contradiction, and it doesn’t mean you should stop loving your neighbour.

The higher our consciousness, the more we know our connection with all people and all life. The more we know that connection, the less likely we are to adopt extreme prejudice and war as a solution to problems. So… What if we humans were all to love each other globally? Well, then peace reigns. Equality reigns. Nations cooperate. Trade booms. Developing countries develop. Food production and delivery ramps up. The global standard of living rises. We humans thrive. We multiply.

So the population expands even faster. What a shame the earth can’t expand with it. In fact it’s the opposite, with resources shrinking, species vanishing, and human pollution poisoning the air and water.

Maybe all nations could copy China and impose a birth rate limit. But can you imagine all our nations agreeing on the limit? (See the previous blog.)

No. Whatever we do, the human meltdown is on the way. It will solve the earth’s problem through disease, natural disasters and – back like a boomerang – war.

And that is optimism! It’s optimism when we’re willing to see beyond the meltdown, to where a small clutch of humans begins the first sentence of a new chapter, in a giant book that will go on writing its own autobiography for ever. You might like to see my articles on The Principle of Existence, and The fifth universal truth.