Lightning in a bottle 2. More on personal growth

(…continuing from last blog)

Most of us want something more, don’t we? You’ll go a long way to find anyone who is completely and permanently content the way they are, even when they have the basics of food, clothing and shelter. It’s human to want more. It’s human to want to be more.

The list of our desires could be enormous. But why bother? All desires swirl out of just two – more power and more connection.

To think that we are not connected is an illusion. We are, already, all connected (the third universal truth), but our connection is like islands linked under the sea. When we do realize a link with another, we find happiness and love. Some realize their connection with many people and become so content, so grounded, that we are subconsciously drawn to them. A very few experience the connection with the All, with Consciousness, with the love that enfolds all that we normally call good and bad. Those, we call prophets.

And yet thinking that we are not connected is a necessary illusion. We must also experience being apart, otherwise being connected has no meaning – just as hot has no meaning without cold, up needs down, light needs dark. The more isolated we are as individuals, the more powerfully we feel the desire to connect, to belong, to love and be loved. And it seems that we will only get there if we grow stronger, have more presence, more influence, more individual power. That desire is neither good nor bad, but can encompass all that we normally call good and bad.

To feel powerless and to feel disconnected are both necessary illusions.

Our desire for power and our desire for connection are two co-existing currents in the same sea. The ideal universe is not one where we all feel connected and at peace. We are in the ideal universe right now. We’re home (the fourth universal truth). We have always have been home, even in the midst of our worst suffering.

That’s because both desires – power and connection – come from the greatest impulse of all. The desire to create (the first universal truth). We are both the created and the Creator. We are the islands and the sea and we are never still.

Now. Let’s return to the lightning in a bottle. If you got this far in what I’ve just said, and if you feel something stirring, think again about William James’ words: “If you want a quality, act as if you already have it.”

What do you truly desire above all else? Chances are it will be one face of individual power or of connection. Ask yourself, How would I be feeling, behaving, looking, sounding, moving, thinking, talking… if I had already achieved that desire?

Then do that.